Saturday, July 9, 2011

What is Database/Application

Domino applications enable people to share, collect, track, and organize information, using Lotus Notes or the Web. Using Lotus Domino Designer, developers can create applications to meet a variety of business needs, including:
  • Workflow applications that route information.
  • Tracking applications that monitor processes, projects, performance, or tasks.
  • Collaboration applications that create a forum for discussion and collaboration.
  • Data integration applications that work with relational databases and transactional systems.
  • Dynamic applications that produce content based on, for example, user name, user profile, access rights, or time of day.
  • Localization and Management applications that use Domino Global WorkBench to translate Lotus Domino databases and Web sites.
Additionally, Lotus Domino Designer can create Lotus Notes components to be used in a larger composite application.


All Notes applications contain one or more databases. You create a database  to use as the container for the data, logic, and design elements in your application. Design elements include:

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