Monday, September 26, 2011

Script Library

Use a script library to store code modules that you can reuse in many scripts in a database. For example, several places in an application might use a piece of code that presents a dialog box for mailing a document. Rather than cutting and pasting the code into different scripts, streamline your script by referring to the code stored in the script library.

     A script library contains (Option), (Declarations), Initialize, Terminate, and user scripts.

     To create a script library, choose Create - Design - Script Library.

     To access a script library, choose View - Design, click Script Libraries under Design,     
      and double-click the name of the library. The script library appears as a design pane.

     To name the library, choose Edit - Properties.

     To write code in a script, select the script in the Event box.

     To write a new script, enter a statement such as Function or Sub in an existing script.

     The editor automatically creates a new script and transfers your code there.

     To incorporate a script library into a scriptable object, enter a Use statement in the
     (Options) script for the object or for the (Globals) object.

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