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LOT-925 Lotus Domino Administration Exam Dump

Which of the following are optional advanced services that must be enabled manually when first configuring
and installing the Domino server?
A. SMTP server
B. Agent Manager
C. Calendar Connector
D. DOLS (Domino Off-Line Services)

Correct Answer: A

In order to create a Domino cluster, which rights are required for you to have to the Domino Directory?
A. Editor access rights and ClusterModifier role
B. Reader access rights and ServerWriter and ServerManager roles
C. Designer access rights and ClusterCreator and ClusterModifier roles
D. Author access and Delete Documents rights and the ServerModifier and ServerCreator roles
Correct Answer: D


Jose set up Web authentication using primary and secondary directories. Which one of the following describes the order in which he set up directories to be searched?
A. Domino primary directory, then Domino secondary directories. This is the only option available.
B. Domino primary directory, then either Domino or LDAP secondary directories. The administrator can specify the order of secondary searches.
C. LDAP primary directory, then LDAP secondary directory, and then Domino secondary directories. This is the order in which secondary searches must be made.
D. Domino primary directory, then Domino secondary directory, and then LDAP secondary directories. This is the order in which secondary searches must be made.
Correct Answer: B

A Notes mail message is sent by Miguel to an Internet address through an adjacent Domino domain over NRPC that then sends mail to the Internet over SMTP. Miguel is now attempting to recall the mail message. Which of the following will be the result of his attempt?
A. He will receive an email that he cannot recall the email message
B. He will immediately receive a prompt that the message is not enabled for message recall
C. He will receive a message from the Internet recipients mail server that the message cannot be recalled
D. He will successfully recall the message if it is allowed in the server configuration and enabled in his user policy

Correct Answer: A

In order for Peggy to establish alternate message recall settings on a per server basis, which of the following is the best solution?
A. Configure the message recall settings in an organization level policy
B. Configure the message recall settings in each server's notes.ini file
C. Configure the message recall settings in each server configuration document
D. Configure the message recall settings in explicit policies and manually apply to users

Correct Answer: C

While configuring an Internet Site document, Kira has left the option blank for which Domino server hosts the site. What is the default action the server will perform with this option not configured?
A. The Internet Site will not be loaded on any Domino server
B. The Internet Site will be loaded on all Domino servers in the domain
C. The Internet Site will only accept connections for the first IP Address on the server
D. The Internet Site will only accept connections for the hostname in the server document
Correct Answer: A

Which ONE of the following is required when setting up transactional logging on a server?
A. Enable Transactional Logging in the server document.
B. Add TRANS_LOG=1 to the server's NOTES.INI file.
C. Create a Transactional Logging document in the Directory Catalog.
D. Modify the NOTES.INI log settings to read LOG=LOG.NSF, TRANSLOG.NSF
Correct Answer: A

When creating the ID Vault for your domain, which of the following cannot be the name of the vault?
A. The name of the server the vault is created on
B. The name of the administrator creating the vault
C. The name of the group that will manage the id vault
D. The same as an organizational unit used in the Domino domain
Correct Answer: D

Given the following scenario, what will occur if the sender attempts to recall a message after 10 days have elapsed since it was originally sent to the recipient: - The sender and recipient are on the same mail server - The server is configured to allow message recall - The recipient is a member of a group policy that allows message recall - The sender is a member of a group policy that does not allow message recall - The sender has an explicit policy that allows message recall - Message recall is allowed for 14 days for the sender -Message recall is allowed for 8 days for the recipient

A. The sender will be allowed to recall the sent message
B. The sender will not be allowed to recall the sent message
C. The sender will receive a non-delivery report back stating the message recall failed
D. The sender will be prompted that they have exceeded the maximum time allowed for message recall
Correct Answer: A

Chaz, the Domino administrator, has noticed performance issues when LDAP searches are being performed against the Domino Directory. Which of the following is the best offered solution to improve performance?
A. Extend the LDAP schema to add new attributes
B. Create a full text index of the Domino Directory
C. Configure Directory Assistance to load all users into memory in advance
D. Delete the ($LDAP) view in the Domino Directory and let it rebuild automatically
Correct Answer: B

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