Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lotus Sametime users with different 'home' servers cannot see each other online

I am new to Notes/Domino and Lotus Sametime. I noticed that users with different "home" Sametime servers cannot see each other online. I was trying to perhaps develop a plug-in that would provide this functionality. Is there a way to achieve this?
Lotus Sametime users within the same Lotus Domino domain (and even across different domains) can see one another, as long as their "home" servers are aware of the existence of other Lotus Sametime servers through a "Community."
To ensure that your servers are aware of one another, create Sametime connection documents in both directions (i.e. Server A -> Server B and Server B -> Server A) using the Domino administrator client.
To check whether your Lotus Sametime servers can see other members of the community:
  1. Open a Web browser, go to the Sametime Web Administration Utility (http://yourserver/stcentre.nsf and choose the "Administer the server" link).
  2. Expand the "Configuration" heading and then choose the "Connectivity" option.
  3. When the "Configuration - Connectivity" page opens, click the "servers in the Community" tab.
  4. If you see both Server A and Server B under the "Meeting Servers that are connected" section, your servers should be able to communicate with one another.
To create the Lotus Sametime connections:
  1. Start your Domino administrator client.
  2. Go to the Configurations Tab.
  3. Expand the server's Twistie and choose Connections.
  4. On the Action Bar, choose "Add Connection," make the connection type "SameTime," complete the Source (Server A) and Destination (Server B) server fields, and add an optional network address for the destination server.
  5. Now add another connection document going in the other direction.

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