Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to enable iNotes in IBM Lotus Domain 8.5

Please Follow below instructions on howto enable web mail on IBM Lotus Domino server.
By default when you first open your domino server web address in your browser, you may see following screen.
To enable web mail login page, Follow the below steps

Create DOMCFG Database

1.Open Domino Administrator,
2.Goto Files

4.Create new application by going to File menu > Application > New
5.In Server , select your domino server,
6.In Title, name it domcfg
7.In ‘Specify Template for new application‘ Server> , select your domino server
8.Click on ‘Show Advance Templates
9.In ‘Template‘ click on ‘Domino web server configuration (8)

10.Click n OK. and ‘domcfg - Sign In Form Mappings‘ will appear.
11.Click on ADD Mapping
12.In Target Database, Type iwaredir.nsf
13.In Target Form, Type dwaLoginForm

Click on Save & Close


1.Now Create another new application by going to File menu > Application > New

2.In Server , select your domino server,
3.In Title, name it iwaredir
4.In ‘Specify Template for new application‘ Server, select your domino server
5.Click on ‘Show Advance Templates
6.In ‘Template‘ click on ‘IBM Lotus iNotes Redirect

Click on OK and ‘IBM Lotus iNotes Rediect Setup‘ will appear.

Here you can define few things like users options, seconds to delay before redirecting to inbox, light mode selection, color , logo and few other things. Click on Save & Exit.

Redirect Default web to iwaredir.nsf

Now goto Domino Administrator configuration tab select the

  1. Server Document  >  Current Server Document > Internet Protocol >  HTTP tab
  2. Select Mapping , and in HOME URL type following /iwaredir.nsf
  3. Now goto Domino Web Engine tab in session authentication Select Single Server
  4. Click Save & Close.
  5. Now from console restart HTTP Server by issuing following command tell http restart

Now from client end, try opening your web mail by entering domino ip or name in browser. You will see login screen.

you can change this login screen to something more customized look. You can further customize it to show nice Login form.

Changing Login FORM

To do this goto FILES , double click on domcfg , Click on Edit Mapping

in Target Database , type iwaredir.nsf
in Target Frame , type dwaLoginForm
Click on Save & Close.
Restart HTTP server and try again to access the lotus web server. & you will some nice login from.

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