Thursday, September 19, 2013

Implementing directories on your Lotus Domino server

Domino provides multiple options when presenting directories in the domain. The key point to remember is that the Domino Directory is accessed by all users as well as servers, so care should be taken to ensure that user and server access is optimized for the best throughput. Three ways to provide directory access are:
  • Distributed: This method assumes that each server has a replica copy of the directory on each server in the domain. This method is optimal when many users are on the network or the communications infrastructure may have many points of congestion.
  • Centralized: This method uses the administration server as the central point for the directory and configuration directories. Configuration directories host Server, Connection, and Configuration Setting documents. Typically, a second server also has these directories for disaster recovery purposes in the event that the registration server fails.
  • Hybrid: This method uses a combination of distributed and centralized. Local users may use the centralized directory, whereas remote users would have a local copy of the directory on their server so that bandwidth would not be an issue.

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