Thursday, December 12, 2013

Redirecting Web Users to Any Database

This technique will allow you to "point" Web site users at any database on your server without having to type in any of the subdirectory names that you would normally have to use to get to your Domino Web pages by simply creating a text file using whatever editor that creates system compatible text files (such as NotePad if you are using a Windows-based server). In this text file you enter in the full file-system path of the database you want to point to and then save this file in your Domino/Data directory and give it a file name which includes a file suffix of .NSF. (Yes, that's right. You are creating a text file and using the exact same file suffix as if it were a Domino database. I know it sounds weird, but it works).
So, you have a Domino database on your server and the fully qualified file name is: D:\R5\DATA\ACCOUNTING\TOP\THISWEB.NSF
You can create a text file called SITEA.NSF, enter the above fully qualified file name into the file, and DO NOT ADD a carriage return at the end of that line. Save that text file into your D:\R5\DATA directory.
Now, Open your browser and enter a url that includes that new file you just created:
If you got it right, you will be launched into the THISWEB.NSF database and you URL line won't even give it away.
Is that cool, or what? According to the Domino.Doc Administration manual, this "trick" has another benefit.
You only need to authenticate with the server ONCE. Not several times as it sometimes requires.

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